Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation

International Committee: The Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation as a pioneering association in the field of management of technology is trying to improve the level of this field by considering the necessity of developing knowledge related to this field in Iran and other countries. Nowadays, paying attention to international interactions has got an important role in knowledge development and improvement of network cooperation. IRAMOT, manages, organizes and develops these interactions through its international committee by understanding this issue and relying on its mission of promoting and networking in the field of management of technology and innovation. This committee, which has been active since the establishment of the association in the past years, has signed foreign agreements and has also participated in international projects such as the European Union, Malaysia, Turkey, Italy, China, etc. Creating, developing and maintaining an interactive network with Iranians abroad is one of the main goals of this committee and every year the committee plays an important role in the international part of the conference, especially in the keynote speakers part. The goals of the committee:
  • Developing interactions with similar foreign associations and organizations
  • Development and networking with Iranians abroad in the field of management of technology and innovation and finding solutions for exploiting the capacity of Iranians abroad
  • Knowledge exchange through holding meetings, workshops, training programs and joint research
Terminology Committee: When a new concept from one language or country enters another place, its cultural and linguistic compatibility is very important for the socialization of that concept. Management of technology and innovation in the recent years has been necessary for the development of countries in all dimensions. One of the important components of this acceptance in most parts of the society is cultural communication through words and language. In line with the realization of this important matter, the Iranian association for management of technology and innovation as a specific association in this field has come to the help the Persian Language Academy of Iran to choose words and equivalents of new expressions and concepts in the topic of technology and innovation management and policy making by taking advantage of the ability and The experience of the network of activists and specialists of this department and with the aim of helping to strengthen and expand the Persian language and literature and equip it to meet the growing cultural and scientific needs and to create coordination in word selection activities and word formation and equivalent finding for vocabulary, the terminology committee  was formed and in various headings the concepts are identified, selected and sent to the academy for the approval. The goals of the committee:
  • Planning and managing the terminology
  • Organizing the status of non-Persian words entered into Persian language and finding equivalents for them
  • Strengthening the standardization of concepts and terms in the Persian language

Women Committee:

The women’s committee of the association for management of technology and innovation was formed at the beginning of 2017 with the aim of promoting the role and participation of women in the development of national technology. This committee intends to increase the effectiveness of educated women in the fields of science, technology and innovation by implementing its short and long-term programs. Necessity of formation of the committee: National development depends on the participation of all members of the society. The role of women in development is important both in their employment in specialized fields and in training effective human resources. Educated women in various fields of science and technology can play an effective role in the process of scientific, industrial and economic development. In recent years, women’s access to higher levels of education has increased but this has not lead them to have a job worthy of their education and acquired abilities. Mostly, women work in the market with completely unequal conditions alongside men, and unsupportive and sometimes discriminatory legal frameworks lead to the reduction of women’s economic participation. The most important way to achieve cultural development will be the education and training of capable women and creating the potentiality of acceptance among men, and in fact, the two institutions, school and family, are the most important factors in the socialization of women. Regardless of the existing obstacles for the activities of educated women in various jobs and in all the levels, it should be emphasized that the development of a society depends on the activities of all the members of a society. In the past decades, many expenses have been spent on the education of women in different educational levels, and today is the time to use their abilities. Technological developments in the current era is another point that makes the participation of women in the fields related to science and technology more important which will cause new management approaches. Considering what has been mentioned above and also the existence of a high rate of educated women in the field of science and technology, the Iranian association for management of technology and innovation wanted to set up a committee for women in the field of science, technology and innovation in order to take a step towards the effective presence of educated women by identifying obstacles and problems in this field.  

The goals of the committee:

  • Promoting the role and participation of women in the development of national technology
  • Recognition of possible obstacles to the presence of women in the field of science, technology and innovation
  • Moving toward the presence of women in knowledge, technology and innovation

Industry committee:

According to the mission of developing and promoting the concepts of the field, approaches and experiences of technology and management of innovation and policymaking at the country level and promoting scientific and technological interactions and cooperation with various industries the Iranian association for management of technology and innovation Has been interested in forming the industry. The goals of the committee:
  • improving the policy making and the technology development and innovation system in the country so that the association is considered as a reference for such activities at the national level
  • Increasing the awareness and expansion of the field of scientific information of experts and those interested in the country’s technology and innovation regarding the existing industries
  • Organizing scientific events at the national, regional and international levels
  • Compilation of suitable models for the connection between university and industry
  • Creating databases of projects related to industry
  • Using the abilities and potentiality of the university to solve the needs of industry and society and providing consulting services to executive bodies and industries of the country
  • Creating the necessity of the production and growth of science and technology needed by the country by conducting demand-oriented, customer-oriented and effective research in society and industry by considering the national goals
  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement of the university’s relation with economic centers and industries at the international, national and provincial levels
  • Establishing systematic communication between active and interested industries which are interested in technology and innovation in order to transfer experiences and facilitate cooperation and networking
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