Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation

Specialised sectors


Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation (IRAMOT), as a pioneering Association in the field of technology and innovation management, organizes an annual conference, which is the prominent event in which experts and managers in this field gather. This year, the 12th international and 16th national of IRAMOT conference will be held on December 7 and 8 focusing the theme “Toward a knowledge-based economic growth“. By this, growth means a total approach to Knowledge Economy, over than knowledge-based companies. According to the decision of the board, this year conference will be emphasis on this theme, that has been started from 2021 and every year a special focus will be given. The approach of conference for this year will mainly focus on:

  • The role of innovation ecosystems achieving the goals of knowledge-based economy,
  • Heterogeneous networks and cooperation of large and small firms in innovation and value co-creation ,
  • Digital transformation and the role of emerging technologies in improving efficiency.

In addition to the main approaches in a modular aspect, some industries and sectors are specially emphasized by the conference as specialized sectors:

  • Automobile industry,
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries,
  • Cultural and creative industries,
  • Food industry,
  • Health industry,
  • Digital transformation,
  • Mining industry.

The 2022 conference will include a variety of main and side sections and events:

  • Main sections include keynote speeches, discussion panels, the experience of Iranian innovative firms through Talks, Emerging scientific issues, scientific articles, specialized workshops.
  • Side sections include the opportunity to consult with academic experts and industrial managers on the platform of GapMIT, Offering STI books and publications, and the exhibition, which will be on the side of the conference.

Participants may interested in side events can contact to conference secretariat. It is also possible to support the conference through Sponsorship, which is an opportunity to introduce and present the capabilities of organizations and companies. In addition to that, organizations and firms may benefit the opportunity of attending and registration in-group pattern, offering discounts in order to improve the knowledge and develop their network and building opportunities for interaction.

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