Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation

About the Conference


Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation (IRAMOT) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which has established with the aim of promoting education, training and research in the fields of Technology and Innovation Management in 2003. Since then, IRAMOT has always been one of the best scientific associations in the country, with over 5000 members. This association brings together the best of industry and academia in the field and conducts various activities including organizing conferences and workshops; publishing newsletters and books and acting as a national information exchange hub on teaching and research issues in MOT.

The association is honored to be:

  • The top ranked Scientific association in the last 13 years among more than 400 Association working under supervision of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) (based on performance evaluation indicators) and the best association of MSRT in 2021,
  • Trustee of the National Technology and Innovation Management Award of the country (IRAMIT),
  • Owner of the journal of Innovation Management (in collaboration with Educational and Research Institute of Defense Industries Organization),
  • Owner of the journal of Technology Development Management (in collaboration with Iran Scientific and Industrial Research Organization),
  • Owner of the journal of Science and Technology Policy (in collaboration with National Research Institute for Science Policy),
  • Founder partner of the Council of Scientific Associations in the field of technology, innovation and commercialization,
  • Organizer of specialized training workshops in the field of science, technology, intellectual property, investment and knowledge management,
  • Organizer of 15 national conferences and 11 international conferences on management of technology and innovation.

The IRAMOT Conference on Management of Technology and Innovation, which was upgraded to the international level since its fourth round, in addition to the annual inauguration of the technology and innovation management network, is a platform for interactions and providing solutions for national and firm level challenges. Now, this Annual International Conference is the largest gathering of leading representatives from industry, academia and policy-makers in the fields of Innovation and Technology Management, which brings together hundreds of participants and leads a networking platform for researchers. On the other hand, top managers of national and international companies participate in and contribute to a number of expert panels to discuss the most relevant innovation and technology management challenges they face in their sectors.

All the mentioned points leads IRAMOT to hold the International Conference on Management of Technology and Innovation as one of its activities in line with the following goals:

  • Development and improvement the level of science and technology,
  • Developing the network of experts and activists in the technological field,
  • Quantitative and qualitative development of experts in the field of science and technology management,
  • Improving educational and research matters in the fields related to technology management,
  • Promotion and improvement of decision-making and decisions related to technology at the national and firm level.


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